Idea by Education and Youth Board won the video competition of the European Commission

24.03.2021 | 16:50

The idea proposed by the Teeviit team of the Education and Youth Board won an educational and awareness-raising video design competition organised by the European Commission. The video won in the category of internet security. Final concept, produced by the BBC, will be distributed in 29 countries in 25 languages.
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The idea proposed by the Teeviit team was chosen among more than 90 ideas and it revolves around a central idea that one click could change a lot. The video calls to notice inconsistencies in e-mail, for example, and not to disclose personal or credit card data to strangers. Attention is also drawn to conscious spending and to recognize traps that are increasingly more incenting consumers to spend money, such as in online games.

In addition, educational video ideas for financial literacy, data protection and sustainable consumption were sought. The competition was organised by the European Commission together with the European Youth Information and Consulting Agency (ERYICA). All videos can be viewed here.