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The Education and Youth Board (Harno) is a government agency of the Ministry of Education and Research that deals with the implementation of Estonian education and youth policy.

Our mission

Harno’s goal is to offer Estonian people high-quality, modern, and equally accessible educational opportunities. We want everyone to be able to create a personal learning path for their entire life cycle.

Our activities

Harno’s activities range from primary education to higher education, from providing tools for learning and teaching to introducing the success story of Estonian education internationally. Our eight departments and two agencies employ over 400 people.

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Our values

  • Expertise. We are experts in our field. Our proposals and decisions are evidence-based - we are based on facts; we rely on science and knowledge. We are responsible for our statements and actions and take into account the goals of the government.
  • Openness. We are curious and open to change, including new technologies. We dare to experiment, make mistakes and admit mistakes. We are open to and take into account forward-looking criticism. We share what, why and how we do it.
  • Caring. We respect everyone we interact with inside or outside the organization. We value our own work and the work and time of others. We take care of our organization and save the environment. We notice, take an interest, support, and acknowledge.
  • We co-create. We listen to all parties, we are present, and we think together. We are committed to finding common ground and effective solutions. We create new values together. We are forward-looking and focused on common goals.
  • Reliability. We are reliable partners with expertise, openness, caring, and co-creation.

Our departments and activities

Harno’s management consists of the CEO and heads of departments.

We encourage, develop and test innovation in the field of education and youth.

Together with partners, we create and look for opportunities for the introduction of innovative learning, including study materials, organization, and methodologies. We update and enforce IT education at all levels of education and in youth work. We advise local governments on the development of the field of education and youth. We support the professional development of teachers and school leaders, youth workers, and support professionals. We organize in-service training and learning events. We develop the leadership competence of school leaders, e.g., we offer a coaching service. We publish supporting literature and materials. We shape the reputation of the teaching profession in society.


Promotes the implementation of youth policy and organizes and develops Estonian youth work services, and directs the development of the field.

We manage and develop the youth information service and the website www.teeviit.ee. We deal with monitoring and impact assessment in the field of youth and the development and implementation of the quality system of local government youth work. We launch and implement programs and activities in the field of youth, which, by supporting youth participation and initiative, youth camps and work brigades, and smart youth work, reduce the risk of exclusion of young people and help to find solutions for young people with NEET status. We organize the giving and valuing of the profession of youth workers and services in the Kloogaranna youth camp.

We coordinate international cooperation.

We introduce Estonian education abroad (Education Estonia, Study in Estonia) and exchange educational knowledge and experience with foreign countries by participating in cooperation projects and networks. 

We coordinate scholarship programs for study and work abroad, as well as scholarship programs for study and research in Estonian universities. We are implementing an academic study program for Estonian language and culture abroad.

At the Estonian ENIC/NARIC Center, we assess and recognize qualifications (degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc.) acquired abroad in Estonia and provide information to foreign countries for the recognition of qualifications awarded in the Estonian education system.

Organizes the preparation and conduct of examinations, tests, surveys in Estonia and develops new assessment methods and tools.

Estonian language proficiency exams and citizenship exams. State exams, international language exams, basic school final exams, and level papers. International and Estonian educational surveys (e.g., PISA, TALIS, IELS, satisfaction surveys).

We manage the nationwide Rajaleidja network.

In the course of study counseling, we identify problems related to the child’s learning or behavior that hinder his or her successful educational path. We then give advice to the adults around the child (parents, teachers, support professionals, etc.) on how to support the child. If necessary, as an out-of-school counseling team, we provide an educational recommendation for organizing the child’s educational journey. We offer crisis counseling to educational institutions.

We accredit and evaluate educational institutions.

Our task is the institutional accreditation and thematic evaluation of higher education institutions and the evaluation of the quality of vocational education and training institutions. Based on the evaluation results, we prepare analyzes. We train educational institutions and experts. EKKA has the status of a unit performing independent tasks within the Education and Youth Board, for the management of which a board of trustees consisting of representatives of various interest groups is formed.

We implement Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps programs in Estonia.

We support the mobility of pupils, students, educators, and youth professionals. We plan and implement international training and development activities and research in the field of education and youth in cooperation with Erasmus + national agencies and other partners. We organize Erasmus + programs and the European Solidarity Corps in Estonia. We coordinate cooperation with the European Commission and other national agencies.

We provide Harno the following services:

  • Staff
  • Administration
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Procurements
  • Legal
  • Customer service
  • Quality management