Teacher training programme student scholarship

The purpose of the teacher training scholarship is to value learning as a teacher, to recognise the teacher's profession in Estonian society, and thereby to increase the number of candidates for teacher training and those who acquire the teacher's profession. Students studying to become teachers at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn University or the University of Tartu can apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship is funded by Estonian government. Each year the scholarship will be paid to hundred students. Scholarship is 160 euros per month and is allocated twice a year for 5 months at a time: for autumn semester (September to January) and spring semester (February to June)

The selection of participants and the payment of the scholarship is organised by the participating universities.  The exact dates of the application round will be decided by each higher education institution. Follow the information on the university website.

Guidelines and document forms are available on our Estonian website

Additional info:

Anu Lepik
Senior programme officer
Scholarships and grants office
+372 7300 809


Last updated: 17.11.2021