The Estonian ENIC/NARIC (Academic Recognition Information Centre) is a subdivision of Education and Youth Board. It belongs to the international networks of ENIC and NARIC, which are international networks created for facilitating the transparent and fair recognition of educational qualifications obtained abroad and for promoting academic and professional mobility.

Academic recognition

Academic recognition is the recognition of a foreign education qualification (certificate, diploma, degree etc) issued by an educational institution or another competent authority for the purpose of further studies or to use an academic title, and recognition of periods of study. Academic recognition also applies to the purpose of employment or other activities where a certain level of education or academic degree is required.

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Professional recognition

Any national of a Member State of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland has the right to work, to seek work, to set up business or to provide services in any other Member State.

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Estonian education system

One of the tasks of the Estonian ENIC/NARIC is providing information about the Estonian education system, qualifications and higher education institutions in order to facilitate recognition of Estonian qualifications in foreign countries. We provide information on both current and former systems of higher education and qualifications awarded therein.

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The main functions of the Estonian ENIC/NARIC are:

  • assessing foreign higher education qualifications and qualifications giving access to higher education;
  • determining the correspondence of educational qualifications to the Estonian education system and making recognition proposals and making recommendations for academic recognition;
  • providing information about foreign higher education systems and qualifications;
  • providing information about the Estonian education system and qualifications;
  • serving as Assistance Centre for professional recognition.

An applicant for the evaluation of a foreign qualification may be the holder of the qualification as well as an employer, higher education institution or another institution where the documents on education qualification has been presented.


Estonian ENIC/NARIC belongs to the international networks of ENIC and NARIC:

  • The Council of Europe and UNESCO network ENIC (European Network of National Information Centres on Academic Recognition and Mobility)
  • European Union network NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centres)



Education and Youth Board
Tõnismägi 11, 10119 Tallinn

Visiting hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 9.00—12.00; Tue, Thu 14.00—17.00 

Gunnar Vaht
Tel: (+372) 697 9215

Aleksandr Graf
Credential evaluator
(Ukraine, USA, Canada, Australia and Oceania, Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, Bangladesh)
Tel: (+372) 626 8976

Aleksandra Dolgopolova
Credential evaluator
(Europe, EB)
Tel: (+372) 626 8979

Marina Klementjeva
Credential evaluator
(Russia, Belarus, Moldova, South Caucasus, Central Asia, Arab states)
Tel: (+372) 697 9214

Ulvi Maamees
Credential evaluator
(Africa, Asia, Latin America, IB)
Tel: (+372) 699 9393

Margit Brückel
Information specialist
Tel: (+372) 697 9216

Last updated: 17.11.2021